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Who we are
  • Clermount is a financial advisory boutique focused on companies and organizations seeking to achieve a positive impact alongside a financial return.

  • Our sector focus: cleantechs, energy access, resource efficiency, agritech/sustainable food, fintech/financial inclusion, healthcare services and transformational technologies in both developed and frontier markets.

  • Our core expertise: Clermount helps companies and investors active in the impact space raise equity and debt and form strategic partnerships.

  • Our two-step approach: we assist our clients in (i) defining and formalizing consistent operational, financial and fundraising objectives and (ii) finding the best financial or industrial partners to support their strategy by leveraging both our international network and extensive experience in organizing efficient fundraising processes.

  • Our ambition: be the premier financial advisory boutique in the impact arena by delivering cutting-edge advice and fresh perspectives to our clients.

  • Our values: Clermount was founded based on the values underlying impact investing: responsibility, sustainability and the firm belief that financial services should also contribute to improving lives and the environment we live in. We also adhere to the highest standards of work ethics and aim for excellence in serving our clients.